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Arts and Culture

East Central Indiana offers many diverse opportunities to immerse oneself in the arts. From art museums with rich histories to an impressive children’s museum, the region has an abundance of cultural activities for all ages.  Music is a key aspect of life and each county offers everything from local civic theatres to professional performing art centers. Even our festivals are illustrative of our attention to culture, such as Mississinewa 1812—the largest War of 1812 living history event in the United States. With such artistic variety, there is something for everyone here in East Central Indiana. 

Museums and Other Arts and Attractions

  • Richmond Art Museum: the oldest cultural institution in Wayne County and the second oldest art museum in Indiana

  • Minnetrista: a museum and cultural center located in Muncie featuring a diverse collection of East Central Indiana local history

  • Arts Place, INC: located in Jay County, this museum showcases local art and facilitates a variety of classes
  • James Dean Gallery: the gallery exhibited in a 1890 Victorian home consists of thousands of items of James Dean memorabila located in downtown Fairmount in Grant County
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Performing Arts

  • Muncie Civic Theatre: founded in 1931 this theatre is a rich source for performance, education, and outreach 
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  • Mississinewa 1812: located near Marion this weekend festival is the largest War of 1812 living history museum in the United States
  • Montpelier Jamboree: an annual celebration that began in 1945 over the Labor Day weekend in Blackford County
  • Civil War Days: a reeanactment event covering the period of 1861 located in Blackford County

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