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At first glance, the cluster of unassuming squares on a map of East Central Indiana may not look like much.  When you look more closely, you’ll see opportunities you never imagined. 
This region, consisting of Blackford, Delaware, Fayette, Grant, Henry, Jay, Madison, Randolph, Rush and Wayne Counties, is centrally located in the US and an ideal location for new businesses and expansions.  There are plenty of reasons why.  It is home to thousands of diverse employers.  A skilled workforce with a strong history in innovation, manufacturing, food processing, agriculture, logistics and information technology.  Affordable homes, land and taxes.  World-class educational institutions.  Established transportation networks. Strong heartland values, admirable work ethics and an excellent business environment. 
Welcome to East Central Indiana.  Moving the Future of Business. Together.  
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Ontario Systems is the kind of high-tech, intellectually driven software company any community would love to land. Even better is a co-founder and CEO who evangelizes the attributes of doing business in small communities like his.
Muncie, Indiana’s own Ron Fauquher is a believer. He believes how much you give will directly impact how much you get.
The development of ownership successors is a major ingredient for long-­term vitality with many manufacturers.
That method allows pioneering owners to pass on the reins to those who know the business from the inside out, to those who demand the same quality of products, to those who revere the past while developing successful directions for the future.

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