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Live and Work Here

From a business standpoint, East Central Indiana offers numerous advantages as the location for your business to prosper.  But we know that work is just one part of your daily life. The factors that contribute to the low cost of doing business apply to living here too – affordable housing and utilities, plus close proximity to airports and regional metropolitan centers like Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Dayton, Cincinnati and Chicago with endless entertainment, professional sports, theater, dining and shopping options.

And while it is true that we are near many places, what is also true is that we have plenty to offer right here.  Whether you prefer rural living, small towns or medium-size cities, you can select the type of lifestyle you want.  The lifestyle is relaxed and commutes are short.  Great local schools and colleges and excellent healthcare contribute to a vibrant community spirit.  With our distinct four seasons, scenery is constantly changing, and there’s plenty to do with a variety of recreational opportunities.


Learn more about living in East Central Indiana:

Forge Your Path is a collaborative effort among 10 East Central Indiana counties to build pride and empowerment among residents, improve talent attraction, empower people to foster change within their communities, improve the region’s amenities and quality of life, and to diversify and grow population. Current residents, visitors to the region, and those who are looking for a new place to call home can forge their own path in East Central Indiana. Visit the Forge Your Path website to discover all that ECI has to offer!



Connect with our member counties below:

Blackford County Contacts:

Blackford County Economic Development Corporation 

Hartford City Chamber of Commerce

Delaware County Contacts:

Muncie-Delaware County Economic Development Alliance

Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce

Muncie Visitors Bureau

Fayette County Contacts:

Fayette County Economic Development Group

Fayette County Chamber of Commerce

Grant County Contacts:

Grant County Economic Growth Council

Marion-Grant County Chamber of Commerce

Grant County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Henry County Contacts:

New Castle-Henry County Economic Development Corporation

New Castle-Henry County Chamber of Commerce

Henry County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Jay County Contacts:

Jay County Development Corporation

Jay County Chamber of Commerce

Jay County Visitors & Tourism Bureau

Madison County Contacts:

Madison County Corporation for Economic Development

Madison County Chamber of Commerce

Anderson-Madison County Visitors Bureau

Randolph County Contacts:

Randolph County Economic Development Corporation

Randolph County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Rush County Contacts:

Rush County Economic & Community Development Corporation

Rush County Chamber of Commerce

Wayne County Contacts:

Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County

Wayne County Chamber of Commerce

Wayne County Convention & Tourism Bureau