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Live and Work Here

From a business standpoint, East Central Indiana offers numerous advantages as the location for your business to prosper.  But we know that work is just one part of your daily life. The factors that contribute to the low cost of doing business apply to living here too – affordable housing and utilities, plus close proximity to airports and regional metropolitan centers like Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Dayton, Cincinnati and Chicago with endless entertainment, professional sports, theater, dining and shopping options.

And while it is true that we are near many places, what is also true is that we have plenty to offer right here.  Whether you prefer rural living, small towns or medium-size cities, you can select the type of lifestyle you want.  The lifestyle is relaxed and commutes are short.  Great local schools and colleges and excellent healthcare contribute to a vibrant community spirit.  With our distinct four seasons, scenery is constantly changing, and there’s plenty to do with a variety of recreational opportunities.



Average Temperatures & Precipitation

Month Average High Average Low Average Precip Average Snowfall
January 35 .6 20.5 2.66 8.6
February 40.2 23.9 2.32 6.5
March 51.7 32.8 3.56 2.6
April 63.4 42.7 3.81 0.2
May 72.8 52.6 5.05 Trace
June 81.9 62.1 4.25 0.0
July 85.0 65.8 4.55 0.0
August 84.0 64.4 3.13 0.0
September 77.6 56.2 3.12 0.0
October 65.3 44.7 3.12 0.4
November 52.2 35.1 3.70 0.7
December 38.9 24.4 3.17 6.9
Annual 62.5 43.9 42.44 25.9


Four Distinct Seasons

• Average annual rainfall: 40 inches
• Average summer temperature: 70 to 80F.
• Average winter temperature: 25 to 35F
• Average First Freeze Date: October 16
• Average Last Freeze Date: April 22
• Average Date of First Measurable Snowfall: November 19
• Average Date of Last Measurable Snowfall: March 30

Source: National Weather Service

Cost of Living Index

The Cost of Living Index estimates the relative price levels for consumer goods and services. When applied to wages and salaries, the result is a measure of relative purchasing power.  The cost of living is 17.2% lower in East Central Indiana than the U.S. average.
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Cost of Living Information
Annual Average Salary Cost of Living Index (Base US) US Purchasing Power
East Central Indiana $37,161 82.8 $44,905
Indiana $44,447 90.5 $49,154
USA $53,246 100.0 $53,246

Source: JobsEQ®
Data as of 2017Q1
The Cost of Living Index is developed by Chmura Economics & Analytics and is updated quarterly.